2023 Phishing By Industry Benchmarking For Africa

With growth, prosperity and digitisation have come new cyber risks and vulnerabilities for the rapidly developing continent of Africa.
The massive increase in smartphone penetration, online banking mobile payment networks and cryptocurrency means Africa is currently slated to see an explosive growth in cyber crimes over the coming years, particularly among small and medium-sized organisations.

This increased cybercriminal activity is underscored by a lack of certified cybersecurity professionals. We predict that cyber extortion groups and cybercrime syndicates will shift their attention away from the more mature nations towards emerging economies like Africa, where organisations have a large cyber dependency but lack the resources to adequately prevent, remediate or prosecute cybercriminals.

To assist Africa with evaluating their Phish-prone Percentage and understanding general attitudes towards cybersecurity and the threat landscape, KnowBe4 conducts an annual study to provide definitive benchmarking data across small, medium and large organisations by geographical region. This report provides an overview of key findings for Africa relative to the rest of the globe.

Read this report to learn:

  • The most prevalent cyber issues facing Africa
  • The Phish-prone Percentage of organisations within your industry throughout Africa
  • Three key takeaways to mitigate the threat of social engineering cyber attacks


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